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KRAFTWERK Istanbul'a gelene kadar !
KRAFTWERK'in 20 Haziran 2005 tarihinde Rock Istanbul kapsamında, Kilyos "Solar Beach"de verdiği konser, Türkiye tarihinde olduğu kadar benim müzik yaşamım'da da tarihi bir önem taşır.
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Bora CETIN, 27 Haziran 2005 - Caddebostan, KADIKOY


My oldest Love; KRAFTWERK !
( Sorry for my Poor English )
I love Music. I love Electronic music ! ..... when i heard firs time Electronic music on my old radio from Europe channels in 70's. My first loves, two german groups. First one is KRAFTWERK and the second one is TANGERINE DREAM
My first listen of KRAFTWERK music is " AUTOBAHN " song. ( in 1975 ).
In that years 70's; my Uncle is visiting Germany very often and I ordered him " AUTOBAHN " LP, when he come back to the Germany, another record in his hends. Its name is " RADIOACTIVITY " the newest one ! ....... , when i put in on my turntable and music begins, i'm in shock ! ..... YES ! this is the music what i want to heard ! ...... Kraftwerk music is my best ! .... ( Still, RADIOACTIVITY is my favorite album ) ....
From the begining of my KRAFTWERK love ( 1975 ) until today, every time i fallowed KRAFTWERK music and activities. I couldn't watch KRAFTWERK in the live concert. I always thought on my own; " May I watched KRAFTWERK in Turkey, before I die ? " .....
And yesss, after 30 years ago, in 2005 KRAFTWERK in Istanbul !
The Dream, came through !

KRAFTWERK Impressions!
Before the concert , when I'm in the backstage, they came to the area. Their car is stopped front of me and, Ralf, Florian, Fritz and Henning are get out of the car. I hand shaked with Florian an Henning , after ı walk with them and short talking with Henning ..... I mentioned him from myself, "I'm the fan of Kraftwerk since 1975" he said "really ? , how old are you ?" i said "I'm 48 years old" and he says "nice to meet you" ........
Anddddd, the concert begins, and the rain ( a little ) begins. I began to make effort to take photos, with the other Press members. Far from the stage ( 150 meter ) i take more than hundered live photos ( sure, no flash ! ) ......these are not good photos in my carrier. ( Look at the "KONSER FOTO" link )
Same time, i watched KRAFTWERK excellent performance on the stage. Music is wonderfull, visions are brilliant .... and atmosphere is megnificent.
I couldn't controlled myself. I drink; 7 glass of beer, 2 glass of gin-tonic ( big beer-glasses ), 2 glass of vodka-beer ( big beer-glasses ) .... and sure, little-bit drunk !
 Under Construction, More Impressions Coming Soon
After the concert, i go to the backsatge .. to greet each other ..... i waited half an hour for talk them.
Kraftwerk manager is not toleranted and permissive for the fans ( and press members ). But I'm not ordinary fan !. I'm listening KRAFTWERK since 1975 .
I take a one and only photo from backstage ! ( Look at the FOTO link ). You seee in the photo; a little conversation with them, a little photo, a little signature for the records.
I meet with FRITZ and HENNING, RALF and FLORIAN are inside their rooms and they rested and relaxed after the concert. They said to me; if i want to meet with them, i must wait ! ........ but i couldnt, ..... my friends waiting me in their car more than one hour. I decide to say thanks RALF and FLORIAN and left to the backstage.
I made a special programme for Kraftwerk on my Radio programme. ( I'm the radio producer on the Turkish Radio Television TRT , Radio3 , ) program on air in 19 June Sunday, Kraftwerk is on the road to the Istanbul.....
So, i copied my radio programme on 4 CD ( for every Kraftwerk member ) and i gifted them ! ( İ give them, to their manager, i hope he gives them to the group ! )
I'm the very old fan of Kraftwerk, I'm very happy to watch them in the concert in Istanbul, Live ...and I'm very happy to meet with them. My dreams come through !
See you.
( Dont use, without permission.)
Bora CETIN, 27 Haziran 2005 - Caddebostan, KADIKOY



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